Anonymous Authentication

Our patented authentication process generates unique IDs that can be proven not to be traced back to a real identity. This enables a differentiated analysis of the collected data while at the same time protecting the privacy of the users.

How does anonymous authentication work?

Technology behind the patent, explained in 60 seconds.

What does Psoido Anonymous Authentification do?

How does the technology look in use?

Anonymous processing of health and fitness data

Psoido’s health Data Manager aggregates all health and fitness data available. After an authentication of the user, this app automatically creates a new virtual ID, which is demonstrably neither traceable to their real identity by Psoido nor other providers. With this quasi-anonymous ID, the user can make any locally recorded data type of health and fitness data or disease symptoms available via a specially encrypted transfer to hospitals and doctors, but also as an anonymous data donation for research. This means that all of this extremely sensitive data comes under the sovereignty of the user.

For more information on the iOS demo MySafeData and the use cases in the area of eHealth, networked mobility or financial services, please contact us.