Decoupling virtual ID from real identity with Psoido

without a chance to reveal the real identity.


Trustful data sharing between partners and competitors.
Elimination of personal references from user data for differentiated data analysis
without consent required.


Maintain data sovereignty without breaching privacy.


No need to involve “trusted 3rd parties”.

The pseudonym becomes anonym

Differentiated and continuous data analysis & one-to-one feedback channel without revealing personal data

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Sharing user data

between companies, subsidiaries, competitors


of decoupling

for data security impact assessment

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Minimizing risks

and preventing de-anonymization

Enabling new data driven business models while maintaining privacy, data sovereignty and GDPR compliance

Psoido is the only solution, if a system:

  • demands authentication and / or accounting of data

  • requires to protect real identities

  • and at the same time needs unique IDs for data analysis

The patented process

With the help of Psoido’s patented protocol it is possible to decouple real and virtual identities in a given system. Participants are verified, clearly locatable but at the same time detached from their real identities. It is a ground-breaking feature of the protocol, that no party is able to reveal the real identity except the owner itself. Even if all other involved parties in a system may come to an agreement or data is getting lost unintentionally, it is not possible to de-anonymize the original identity.

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Anonymized IDs – flexible and scalable

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1. SET

Data structure analysis &
processing for
automated input

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2. ACT

Implementation & Documentation
Risk Analysis / Data Protection Assessment

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3. RUN

Flexible SaaS generating decoupled IDs

Innovation through data collaboration

Establishing data-pools across vertical markets for cooperative utilization enables multilateral value creation, scaling effects, cost benefits, efficiency gains and finally improves processes and products. However today the interest of market participants to protect confidential business and trade secrecies as well as the fear of an unintended personal data breach stays in strong contrast.

Gaining additional value from the accumulated data without getting traced back to the origin and the real identity – for true data sovereignty.




Industry & IoT



Today’s most valuable companies are data driven. Fueled by an unprecedented availability, innovative business strategies are increasingly grounded on data. To secure competitive advantages organizations need to leverage digital ecosystems and enforce collaboration.

Psoido sets the stage for data economy platforms.

Only Psoido is capable to decouple real and virtual IDs without a chance to de-anonymize. Individuals, organizations or things are validated in a pre-defined authentication process to enable differentiated data analysis.

Privacy by design according to the state of the art

Separating users from user data with Psoido’s proven and reliable decoupling technology is paving the way for unparalleled new business models and eliminating the need to involve ”trusted 3rd parties”.


Automotive & Mobility


Finance & Insurance


Smart Home

Connected cars, navigation data, account & transaction data, smart devices, digital learning, health data… Taking advantage of usage data for public interest purposes, recommendations as well as to improve product offerings and services while being fully compliant with GDPR and protecting privacy

With Psoido:

The Pseudonym becomes anonym – no consent according to Art. 6 § 1a GDPR required. Unique and trustworthy IDs, provable without any chance to trace back to their real identity and origin, enabling differentiated data analysis while ensuring privacy – even if players in a system come to an agreement or data breach. This is data protection by design while taking into account state of the art.

Steffen Holly
Steffen Holly
Matthias Glatschke
Matthias Glatschke
Jens Hasselbach
Jens Hasselbach
Sebastian Mann
Sebastian Mann

Data-related business models are entering the C-level agenda across all vertical markets. In the context of an accelerating big data explosion this development is about to reach the next level: data doesn’t only enable strategies – they become the strategy. Our motivation is the compatibility of data analysis and privacy. This is what we can prove and keeps us going. The technology have been developed in close cooperation with our research partner Fraunhofer IDMT and the data protection authorities.


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